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E.M. El-Hacen

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 Name:             El-Hacen Mohamed El-Hacen (E. M. El-Hacen)

Community and Conservation Ecology, CEES, University of  Groningen, P.O. Box 11103, 9700 CC Groningen, The Netherlands

Phone:            (+31) 681799728


Born:              09 January1982 in Boutilimit, Mauritania

Citizenship:    Mauritanian

Fields of interest and expertise

-          Intertidal ecology

-          Trophic relations

-          Spatial patterns and ecosystem engineers

-          Nutrients biogeochemistry

-          Prey-predator interaction

-          Habitat selection


9/2009 – 10/2011   M.Sc. Ecology & Evolution, University of Groningen.

9/2008 – 7/2009      Pre-M.Sc Degrees. Biology, University Of Groningen.

9/2002 – 7/2006      B.Sc. Forestry, Arab Forest & Range Institute, Syria and

Dept. of Sciences and Technology ,University of Nouakchott, Mauritania.

9/1995 – 7/2001      High school degrees. Major Math, Mauritania.


El-Hacen, E. M., Overdijk, O., Lok, T., Olff, H. and Piersma, T. 2013. Home range, habitat selection, and foraging rhythm in Mauritanian spoonbills (Platalealeucorodiabalsaci): a satellite tracking study. –Waterbirds 36: 277-286.

Piersma, T., M. van der Velde, E. M. El-Hacen, T. Lok and O. Overdijk. 2012. Molecular verification of the subspecies status of the Mauritanian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia balsaci). Ardea 100: 131-136.

El-Hacen, E. M., Piersma, T., Jouta, J., Overdijk, O. and Lok, T. 2013. Seasonal variation in the diet of spoonbill chicks: a stable isotopes approach. Submitted. In review in J. Ornithology.

Jobs, experiences and conferences

3/2007 – now           Job: Working for Banc d’Arguin National Park, Mauritania.

Duties: conservation, data management , scientific coordination and ecological adviser.

11/2012– 12/2012  Cruise: Al Awam (Mauritanian shelf, 3 weeks): Seabirds and marine mammals along the upwelling and the Mauritanian shelf. Programme Biodiversité Gaz et Pétrole, Mauritania.

9/2012 – 9/2012     Workshop: Eurosite VII Spoonbill Workshop, Santoña, Victoria and Joyel marshes Natural Park, Spain

10/2010 – 10/2010 Conference: The 10th conference on the Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya, Japan

6/2008 – 7/2008      Workshop: Participant in the international youth summit

                                    “Go4BioDiv” Bonn, Germany

10/2007 – 11/2007             Internship: Training in boat driving and nautical surveillance in the marine protected areas, Mauritania  

4/2007– 4/2007      Conference: The 3rd forum on regional coastal and marine

                                    conservation program in West Africa, Praia, Cabo Verde

7/2005– 8/2005       Internship: Training at Assure National Park, Saudi Arabia.

Personal skills

Linguistics:                 Arabic (native language)

                                    English (fluent)

                                    French (fluent)

Data management:    Excel & Access, R for statistical analyses (good), and ArcGIS for spatial analyses (good)

Possession of driving license (B) and boat driving license (level 2).

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