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Always on Call: Communicating Multilingual Public Health Information through Social Media in Australia

An Analysis of German Public Discourse on Migration-Driven Linguistic Diversity in Schools

Making Waves: Burkinis in German Media Discourse

Representations of (Un)Belonging: A Visual Semiotic and Critical Media Discourse Analysis of German Political Cartoons

Veiled Insults: Discourses about Burqas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lost in Translation: Multilingual Public Health Signage during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia

Making the (1st) Grade: Language, Identity, and Education in Multilingual Germany

’I want to take the real classes’: Students with Refugee Backgrounds and the Discursive Construction of ‘Belonging'

Monolingual Practices in a Multilingual Classroom: An Ethnographic Examination of Language Policy in a German School

The Burkini and Discourses of ‘Otherness’ in German Newspaper Comments

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