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Practical matters How to find us E. (Erika) Darics, PhD

Research interests

I am an applied linguist interested in communication in professional, workplace and digital contexts. I am passionate about language awareness and critical discourse consciousness. My work is inspired by my drive to promote the importance of empirical linguistic-discourse analytical research and how such research can help to educate a future generation of critical text consumers as well as ethical, responsible and empowered communicators.


Debate: ChatGPT offers unseen opportunities to sharpen students’ critical skills

‘I’m actually shocked of how rude you are!’ Communication challenges in webchat-based customer service

Language and Communication in Entrepreneurship Research

Language Awareness and Discourse Consciousness in Contemporary Life and Work

Language Awareness in Business and the Professions

The relevance of applied linguistic and discourse research: on the margins of a failed communication consultancy

Critical Language and Discourse Awareness in Management Education

Social Actors “to Go”: An Analytical Toolkit to Explore Agency in Business Discourse and Communication

Talking a team into being in online workplace collaborations: The discourse of virtual work

Language in Business, Language at work

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Why tiny words like 'yup' can send you into a tailspin

Digital Communication

Applied linguistics

Workplace communication

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