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Exploring Institutional and Socio-Economic Settings for the Development of Energy Communities in Europe

A Characterization of European Collective Action Initiatives and their Role as Enablers of Citizens’ Participation in the Energy Transition

Investigating mechanisms of collective action initiatives’ development in the energy sector. Report on the comparative case studies, COMETS H2020 project

Local energy innovators: Collective experimentation for energy transition

New pathways for community energy and storage

New Pathways for Community Energy and Storage

Being a Better Neighbor: A Value-Based Perspective on Negotiating Acceptability of Locally-Owned Wind Projects

Local impact of community renewable energy: A case study of an Orcadian community-led wind scheme

Participatory Experimentation with Energy Law: Digging in a ‘Regulatory Sandbox’ for Local Energy Initiatives in the Netherlands

How Local Energy Initiatives Develop Technological Innovations: Growing an Actor Network

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