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prof. dr. E.C. (Christiaan) Boerma

Professor meaningful preventive care, endowed by the Stichting Topklinische Zorg Friesland
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Research interests

Meaningful preventive care

Positive health


Hospital infections and health-related quality of life after cardiac surgery: A multicenter survey

Conservative versus Liberal Oxygenation Targets in Intensive Care Unit Patients (ICONIC): A Randomized Clinical Trial

Experimental evaluation of laparoscopic laser speckle contrast imaging to visualize perfusion deficits during intestinal surgery

Identifying risk factors for perioperative decline in right ventricular performance in cardiac surgery patients: A prospective observational study in a tertiary care hospital

Lung Cancer in Indonesia

Protein and energy intake in intensive care unit survivors during the first year of recovery: A descriptive cohort study

The effect of Protein Provision and Exercise Therapy on Patientā€Reported and Clinical Outcomes in ICU Survivors: A Systematic Review

The prevalence of mental frailty in ICU survivors and informal caregiver strain: A 1-year retrospective study of the Frisian aftercare cohort

Correction: The effect of treatment and clinical course during Emergency Department stay on severity scoring and predicted mortality risk in Intensive Care patients

ICONIC study—conservative versus conventional oxygenation targets in intensive care patients: study protocol for a randomized clinical trial

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