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Anger Responses in Adolescents: Relationship with Punishment and Reward Sensitivity

Hunger increases negative and decreases positive emotions in women with a healthy weight

Why Dieters Succeed or Fail: The Relationship Between Reward and Punishment Sensitivity and Restrained Eating and Dieting Success

Influence of hunger on attentional engagement with and disengagement from pictorial food cues in women with a healthy weight

Predictive Value of Implicit and Explicit Self-Esteem for the Recurrence of Depression and Anxiety Disorders: A 3-Year Follow-Up Study

Bekijk jezelf door een Roze Bril: een online preventieve strategie voor jongeren, gebaseerd op positieve psychologie

The relation between empathy and depressive symptoms in a Dutch population sample

Implicit measures of actual versus ideal body image: Relations with self-reported body dissatisfaction and dieting behaviors

Negative body image: Relationships with heightened disgust propensity, disgust sensitivity, and self-directed disgust

Prefrontal cortex activation during a cognitive reappraisal task is associated with real-life negative affect reactivity

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