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How to find us prof. dr. E. (Erik) Buskens
University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. E. (Erik) Buskens

Professor of Health Technology Assessment
prof. dr. E. (Erik) Buskens


Development and external validation of prediction models to predict implantable cardioverter-defibrillator efficacy in primary prevention of sudden cardiac death

Maintaining Domain Specific Simulation Modelling Frameworks - A Case Study on Modelling Hyper Acute Stroke Pathways

Quantified health and cost effects of faster endovascular treatment for large vessel ischemic stroke patients in the Netherlands

Remote Home Monitoring of Older Surgical Cancer Patients: Perspective on Study Implementation and Feasibility

A national eHealth vision developed by University Medical Centres: A concept mapping study

Assessing quality of life in psychosocial and mental health disorders in children: a comprehensive overview and appraisal of generic health related quality of life measures

Centralising acute stroke care within clinical practice in the Netherlands: lower bounds of the causal impact

Health items with a novel patient-centered approach provided information for preference-based transplant outcome measure

Informing policy makers on the efficiency of population level tobacco control interventions in Asia: A systematic review of model-based economic evaluations

Integrated Care for Older Adults: A Struggle for Sustained Implementation in Northern Netherlands

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'Overheidscommunicatie versoepelingen laat te wensen over'

De vijf grote verkiezingsthema's op een rij (handig vóór je gaat stemmen)

Bijpassen en nieuw OZG-businessplan maken, oppert hoogleraar gezondheidseconomie

14 Europese projecten

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