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Andromeda XXV - A dwarf galaxy with a low central dark matter density

Characterization and dynamics of the peculiar stream Jhelum: A tentative role for the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy

Dynamics in the outskirts of four Milky Way globular clusters: it's the tides that dominate

ED-2: A cold but not so narrow stellar stream crossing the solar neighbourhood

Gaia Data Release 3: Catalogue validation

Gaia Data Release 3: A golden sample of astrophysical parameters

Gaia Data Release 3: Chemical cartography of the Milky Way

Gaia Data Release 3: Mapping the asymmetric disc of the Milky Way

Gaia Data Release 3: Pulsations in main sequence OBAF-type stars

Gaia Data Release 3: Exploring and mapping the diffuse interstellar band at 862 nm

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