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Catching Tidal Dwarf Galaxies at a Later Evolutionary Stage with ALFALFA

AGC 226178 and NGVS 3543: Two Deceptive Dwarfs toward Virgo

Apercal-The Apertif calibration pipeline

Apertif: Phased array feeds for the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope: System overview and performance characteristics

Characterising the Apertif primary beam response

Continuum source catalog for the first APERTIF data release

First release of Apertif imaging survey data

MIGHTEE-H I: the H I size-mass relation over the last billion years

No need for dark matter: Resolved kinematics of the ultra-diffuse galaxy AGC 114905

Seeing the forest and the trees: A radio investigation of the ULIRG Mrk 273

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