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A search for radio emission from double-neutron star merger GW190425 using Apertif

A tight angular-momentum plane for disc galaxies

Apertif view of the OH megamaser IRAS 10597+5926: OH 18 cm satellite lines in wide-area H I surveys

Galaxy Properties at the Faint End of the H I Mass Function

MIGHTEE-H: The H I emission project of the MeerKAT MIGHTEE survey

No need for dark matter: Resolved kinematics of the ultra-diffuse galaxy AGC 114905

The ALFALFA Almost Dark Galaxy AGC 229101: A 2 Billion Solar Mass H I Cloud with a Very Low Surface Brightness Optical Counterpart

The baryonic specific angular momentum of disc galaxies

The best of both worlds: Combining LOFAR and Apertif to derive resolved radio spectral index images

The Intrinsic Shapes of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies (LSBGs): A Discriminant of LSBG Galaxy Formation Mechanisms

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