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About us Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. E.A. (Eric A) Bergshoeff

Research interests

My research is driven by the search for a unified theory of quantum gravity that combines gravity with quantum mechanics. The aim is to understand the workings of gravity at small distance scales when quantum mechanics cannot be ignored. Examples of such extreme conditions are the Big Bang at the start of our universe and the black holes predicted by Einstein's theory of gravity.  My present work is focused on  non-relativistic string theory and its underlying non-relativistic gravity and geometry  to find out whether or not relativity is indispensable for the construction of a theory of quantum gravity. A popular introduction  to this issue can be found at the website

I am using the same non-relativistic geometry in effective field theory to gain new insights into certain aspects of the fractional quantum Hall effect. 


Generalized Newton-Cartan geometries for particles and strings

Non-Lorentzian theories with and without constraints

Branched SL(2,ℤ) duality

New horizons for fundamental physics with LISA

Properties of Non-relativistic Neveu-Schwarz Gravity

The holographic c-theorem and infinite-dimensional Lie algebras

The supersymmetric Neveu-Schwarz branes of non-relativistic string theory

A non-relativistic limit of NS-NS gravity

Non-relativistic Limits of General Relativity

Non-relativistic ten-dimensional minimal supergravity

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