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Advanced treatment planning: robust optimization and proton RBE

Can the mean linear energy transfer of organs be directly related to patient toxicities for current head and neck cancer intensity-modulated proton therapy practice?

Does the uncertainty in relative biological effectiveness affect patient treatment in proton therapy?

Head and neck IMPT probabilistic dose accumulation: Feasibility of a 2 mm setup uncertainty setting

The impact of beam setup on robustness and organs-at-risk dose in IMPT for lung cancer patients

Validation of linear energy transfer computed in a Monte Carlo dose engine of a commercial treatment planning system

Validation of the proton range accuracy and optimization of CT calibration curves utilizing range probing

Composite minimax robust optimization of VMAT improves target coverage and reduces non-target dose in head and neck cancer patients

Quantitative Comparison of Commercial and Non-Commercial Metal Artifact Reduction Techniques in Computed Tomography

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