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A deep learning masked segmentation alternative to manual segmentation in biparametric MRI prostate cancer radiomics

AI-assisted biparametric MRI surveillance of prostate cancer: feasibility study

Artificial Intelligence and Radiologists at Prostate Cancer Detection in MRI: The PI CAI Challenge

Combining Hepatic and Splenic CT Radiomic Features Improves Radiomic Analysis Performance for Liver Fibrosis Staging

Comparative Performance of Deep Learning and Radiologists for the Diagnosis and Localization of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer at MRI: A Systematic Review

Did medical doctors who order abdominal CT scans during on-call hours truly become worse at clinical reasoning?: Yes, they did

Do People Favor Artificial Intelligence Over Physicians? A Survey Among the General Population and Their View on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Early increase in single-kidney glomerular filtration rate after living kidney donation predicts long-term kidney function

Elevate value in neck ultrasonography to a next level

Incidental imaging findings referred to a specialized sarcoma center: Frequency, determinants, and downstream healthcare costs

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1,9 miljoen euro subsidie voor terugdringen van scantijd MRI bij prostaatkanker

Subsidie voor onderzoek naar snellere MRI-scan met AI

1,9 miljoen euro subsidie voor snellere MRI-scan met artificial intelligence

Subsidie voor onderzoek naar het verkorten van de duur van MRI-scans

Bijna 2 miljoen euro subsidie voor snellere MRI-scan met artificial intelligence

RUG-onderzoeker wil MRI-scan bij prostaatkanker terugbrengen naar kwartier

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