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Managing C-suite conflict: The unique impact of internal and external governance interfaces on top management team reflexivity

Why and when female directors are less engaged in their board duties: An interface perspective

Too Unsafe to Monitor? How Board–CEO Cognitive Conflict and Chair Leadership Shape Outside Director Monitoring

Board informal hierarchy and board performance

How internal and external supervision impact the dynamics between boards and top management yeams and TMT reflexivity

The relationship between tenure and outside director task involvement: A social identity perspective

FAR Research project: The effects of multiple team memberships on individual auditors’ performance

Who's the Boss at the Top? A Micro-Level Analysis of Director Expertise, Status and Conformity Within Boards

A Tale of Two Factions: Why and When Factional Demographic Faultlines Hurt Board Performance

A tale of two factions: Exploring the relationship between factional faultlines and conflict management in pension fund boards

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