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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. D. (Don) van Ravenzwaaij

Research interests

Response time modeling

Bayesian statistics


A many-analysts approach to the relation between religiosity and well-being

A review of applications of the bayes factor in psychological research

SampleSizePlanner: A Tool to Estimate and Justify Sample Size for Two-Group Studies

Worked-out examples of the adequacy of Bayesian optional stopping

Bayes Factor Model Comparisons Across Parameter Values for Mixed Models

Bayesian frequentists: Examining the paradox between what researchers can conclude versus what they want to conclude from statistical results

Comparing the evidential strength for psychotropic drugs: a Bayesian meta-analysis

Consensus-based guidance for conducting and reporting multi-analyst studies

Decisions about equivalence: A comparison of TOST, HDI-ROPE, and the Bayes factor

How best to quantify replication success?: A simulation study on the comparison of replication success metrics

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