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Research interests

Response time modeling

Bayesian statistics


Comparing researchers’ degree of dichotomous thinking using frequentist versus Bayesian null hypothesis testing

Reputation Without Practice? A Dynamic Computational Model of the Unintended Consequences of Open Scientist Reputations

A many-analysts approach to the relation between religiosity and well-being

A review of applications of the bayes factor in psychological research

Bayes Factor Model Comparisons Across Parameter Values for Mixed Models

Bayes Factors for Mixed Models: a Discussion

baymedr: an R package and web application for the calculation of Bayes factors for superiority, equivalence, and non-inferiority designs

Decisions about equivalence: A comparison of TOST, HDI-ROPE, and the Bayes factor

Perspectives on Scientific Error

Predicting Reliability Through Structured Expert Elicitation with repliCATS (Collaborative Assessments for Trustworthy Science)

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