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About us Practical matters How to find us D.R.S. (Revantha) Ramanayake, PhD

Research interests

  • Non-classical logics (substructural, modal, intermediate logics) and their applications in theoretical computer science
  • Using proof theory to investigate various aspects of logics, like decidability, complexity, interpolation
  • Structural proof theory: relative expressivity of proof formalisms
  • Development of interactive/automated verification of structural proof theory using proof assistants
  • Formal logics for the provability predicate of arithmetic (provability logics)


Analytic Proof Theory for Aqvist's System F

Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods: 32nd International Conference, TABLEAUX 2023, Prague, Czech Republic, September 18–21, 2023, Proceedings

Cut-Restriction: From Cuts to Analytic Cuts

Bounded-analytic sequent calculi and embeddings for hypersequent logics

Cut-Elimination for Provability Logic by Terminating Proof-Search: Formalised and Deconstructed Using Coq

Decidability and Complexity in Weakening and Contraction Hypersequent Substructural Logics

Display to Labeled Proofs and Back Again for Tense Logics

Extended Kripke lemma and decidability for hypersequent substructural logics

Bounded Sequent Calculi for Non-classical Logics via Hypersequents

Sequentialising Nested Systems

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