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How to find us mr. D. (Daphne) Penna

mr. D. (Daphne) Penna

Assistant professor (University lecturer) / researcher Byzantine Law
mr. D. (Daphne) Penna

Research interests

Byzantine Law, Roman Law 


Alexios Aristenos: Kommentar zur “Synopsis Canonum”

The Eleventh-Century Byzantine Jurist Nicaeus: His Scholia on the Basilica Laws and his Connection to the Meditatio de nudis

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers? Byzantine Shipwreck and Salvage in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries

A Witness of Byzantine Legal Practice in the Twelfth Century. Some Remarks on the Construction of the Ecloga Basilicorum

Similar Problems, Similar Solutions: Byzantine Chrysobulls and Crusader Charters on Legal Issues Regarding the Italian Maritime Republics

Hedge funds en Byzantijns recht: Investeren in rechtszaken in Byzantium

In memoriam Willem Johannes Aerts, online in Byzantine Studies Netherlands

Odd Topics, Old Methods and the Cradle of the Ius Commune: Byzantine Law and the Italian City-States

Piracy and reprisal in Byzantine waters: resolving a maritime conflict between Byzantines and Genoese at the end of the twelfth century

Law as a Means of Change in Byzantium: Introduction

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