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mr. D. (Daphne) Penna

Assistant professor (University lecturer) / researcher Byzantine Law
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Research interests

Byzantine Law, Roman Law 


Spyros N. Troianos (18 July 1933 – 27 January 2024)

Book review of J. Morton, Byzantine Religious Law in Medieval Italy, Oxford 2021

General Average in Byzantium

‘Je was erbij, dus je bent erbij’: Groepsaansprakelijkheid van artikel 6:166 BW en het Byzantijns recht

Seeräuber aus dem Hinterhalt: Theorie und Praxis im byzantinischen Reich

Ναυάγια, Βυζαντινά χρυσόβουλλα και Παπαδιαμάντης

A Sourcebook on Byzantine Law: Illustrating Byzantine Law through the Sources

Constantine Harmenopoulos: On the Protection of Views

Hagiotheodorites, once again. A few remarks on two of his Basilica scholia

Religious influences on medieval civil law: The pacta sunt servanda principle in Byzantine and medieval Western law

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Podcast: Byzantine law, its experts, and its languages, with Daphne Penna