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Alternative use of the sentmanat extensional rheometer to investigate the rheological behavior of industrial rubbers at very large deformations

Determining the Molecular Weight of Polyelectrolytes Using the Rouse Scaling Theory for Salt-Free Semidilute Unentangled Solutions

Rheological investigation on the associative properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) solutions

Underlying mechanism of shear-banding in soft glasses of charged colloidal rods with orientational domains

(4-Aminopyridine)-PLGA-PEG as a Novel Thermosensitive and Locally Injectable Treatment for Acute Peripheral Nerve Injury

Effect of softness on glass melting and re-entrant solidification in mixtures of soft and hard colloids

Internal Microstructure Dictates Interactions of Polymer-grafted Nanoparticles in Solution

Nonlinear rheometry of entangled polymeric rings and ring-linear blends

Nonlinear Shear Rheology of Entangled Polymer Rings

Rheological response of entangled isotactic polypropylene melts in strong shear flows: Edge fracture, flow curves, and normal stresses

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