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Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of muconic acidā€based unsaturated polymer systems

Green Pathways for the Enzymatic Synthesis of Furan-Based Polyesters and Polyamides

A Perspective on PEF Synthesis, Properties, and End-Life

Biocatalytic Synthesis of Furan-Based Oligomer Diols with Enhanced End-Group Fidelity

Enzymatic transesterification of urethane-bond containing ester

Lipase-Catalyzed Transamidation of Urethane-Bond-Containing Ester

On the way to greener furanic-aliphatic poly(ester amide)s: Enzymatic polymerization in ionic liquid

Order-disorder transition in supramolecular polymer combs/brushes with polymeric side chains

Enzymatic synthesis of furan-based polymers

Furan-Based Copolyesters from Renewable Resources: Enzymatic Synthesis and Properties

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