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Practical matters How to find us D.M. (Dagmar) Heeg, MSc

D.M. (Dagmar) Heeg, MSc

PhD student

Generation AI: Teaching kids about Artificial Intelligence

The aim of the GENERATION AI project is to support educators and young learners in developing an evidence-based understanding of the complexities and basic principles of AI, computational thinking, and how they can be integrated in teaching learning to promote creative problem solving, resilience, and design thinking. A secondary goal of the project is to support teachers and learners to become more critical consumers of technology applications across their life span.

1. Support educators in understanding AI uses in everyday life
2. Prepare educators to teach their students about AI, its applications, strengths, and weaknesses, in line with DigiComp and DigiEDU
3. Support teachers and students in developing problem solving skills, computational thinking and design thinking involving AI tools and methods
4. Support teachers and students in developing their digital skills and develop a critical understanding of AI and its application to everyday life

IO1. GENERATION AI Toolkit for teachers
IO2. Professional Development Training for Teachers on AI-STEM education
IO3. GENERATION AI School Programme for Primary Education Students
IO4. Online Learning Platform and OER’ on AI-STEM educat


GENERATION AI received an EU grant  from Erasmus+. 
Collaboration between six partners from the Netherlands, Cyprus, Spain and  Ireland. The University of Groningen is the coordinator of this project. 

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