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How to find us prof. dr. ir. D. (David) Lentink


How oscillating aerodynamic forces explain the timbre of the hummingbird's hum and other animals in flapping flight

Design Principles and Function of Mechanical Fasteners in Nature and Technology

Fluid moment and force measurement based on control surface integration

How flight feathers stick together to form a continuous morphing wing

Soft biohybrid morphing wings with feathers underactuated by wrist and finger motion

The aerodynamic force platform as an ergometer

A Bird's-Eye View of Regulatory, Animal Care, and Training Considerations Regarding Avian Flight Research

Birds land reliably on complex surfaces by adapting their foot-surface interactions upon contact

Birds repurpose the role of drag and lift to take off and land

How lovebirds maneuver through lateral gusts with minimal visual information

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RUG News - Vogels als inspiratiebron - David Lentink combineert techniek en biologie

Wat duiven en kippen niet hebben, maar roodborstjes wel: een piepklein oogkompas om de weg te vinden

NRC - Roodborst ‘ziet’ aardmagnetisch veld met netvlies

National Geographic Magazine - Hoe de kolibrie zoemt

KIJK - De kolibrievleugel wekt een sterke kracht naar boven op

OSA The Optical Society - Seeing Sound - How Hummingbirds Hum

Live Science - Why do hummingbirds 'hum'?

EOS Wetenschap - Stillere machines dankzij kennis over fladderende kolibrie

Canada's National Observer - The mystery behind the hum of the hummingbird, unlocked

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