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Accuracy of Patient-Specific 3D-Printed Drill Guides for Pedicle and Lateral Mass Screw Insertion: An Analysis of 76 Cervical and Thoracic Screw Trajectories

Acute effects of adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's disease

Bilateral Pallidotomy for Dystonia: A Systematic Review

Deep brain stimulation in the nucleus accumbens for binge eating disorder: A study in rats

Long-Term Patient-Reported Outcome of Radiofrequency Thalamotomy for Tremor

Low-frequency oscillation suppression in dystonia: Implications for adaptive deep brain stimulation

Optimal Parameters of Deep Brain Stimulation in Essential Tremor: A Meta-Analysis and Novel Programming Strategy

The Effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation in Dystonia: A Patient-Centered Approach

Accuracy Assessment of Pedicle and Lateral Mass Screw Insertion Assisted by Customized 3D-Printed Drill Guides: A Human Cadaver Study

Accuracy of Intraoperative Computed Tomography in Deep Brain Stimulation-A Prospective Noninferiority Study

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