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Alertheid nodig: formuleringen tacrolimus niet inwisselbaar

High-Density Lipoprotein Particles and Torque Teno Virus in Stable Outpatient Kidney Transplant Recipients

Sleep quality, fatigue, societal participation, and health-related quality of life in kidney transplant recipients: a cross-sectional and longitudinal cohort study

Urinary Fetuin-A Fragments Predict Progressive eGFR Decline in Two Independent Type 2 Diabetes Cohorts of Different Ethnicities

Urinary vanin-1, tubular injury, and graft failure in kidney transplant recipients

A Joint Pharmacokinetic Model for the Simultaneous Description of Plasma and Whole Blood Tacrolimus Concentrations in Kidney and Lung Transplant Recipients

Blockchain in nephrology

Circulating FGF21 Concentration, Fasting Plasma Glucose and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the PREVEND study

Creatine and creatinine quantified using nuclear magnetic resonance: A method validation study and clinical associations between circulating creatine and fatigue in kidney transplant recipients

Dietary lithium intake, graft failure and mortality in kidney transplant recipients

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Op weg naar een betere behandeling voor cystenieren

Vitamin K Therapy May Ease Arterial Stiffness in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Patiënten functioneren na niertransplantatie goed op hun werk