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Body image, body composition and environment: do they affect adolescents' physical activity?

Health Literacy and Change in Health-Related Quality of Life in Dialysed Patients

Low Health Literacy Is Associated with Poorer Physical and Mental Health-Related Quality of Life in Dialysed Patients

Unbiased estimator of correlation coefficient

Health-Related Quality of Life Profiles in Dialyzed Patients With Varying Health Literacy. A Cross-Sectional Study on Slovak Haemodialyzed Population

On Drawbacks of Least Squares Lehmann-Scheffé Estimation of Variance Components

Testing of Multivariate Repeated Measures Data with Block Exchangeable Covariance Structure

Does Depression and Anxiety Mediate the Relation between Limited Health Literacy and Diet Non-Adherence?

Does family communication moderate the association between adverse childhood experiences and emotional and behavioural problems?

Is BMI a Valid Indicator of Overweight and Obesity for Adolescents?

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