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Journalism is Not a One-Way Street: Recognizing multi-directional dynamics

Book Review: Academic Knowledge Production and the Global South: Questioning Inequality and Under-Representation, by Márton Demeter

Magda Konieczna - 'Journalism Without Profit: Making News When the Market Fails'

Pathway outta pigeonhole? De-contextualizing Majority World Countries

(Re)configuring conflict reporting: Assessing emerging peripheral actors in news production

(Re)constructing journalistic excellence: The ‘CNN effect’ after 20 years of ‘Journalist of the Year’ Awards

Risks of ‘disconnection’ in the age of infodemics: Rethinking disinformation and journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa

Taking interdependencies seriously: The case of Mozilla’s entanglements with journalism

The (Other) Anglophone Problem: Charting the Development of a Journalism Subfield

Extract. Inject. Repeat: Civic data journalism and its reciprocal influence on journalism practice

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