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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. D.J. (Dirk-Jan) Scheffers


An organogold compound as potential antimicrobial agent against drug resistant bacteria: Initial mechanistic insights

Antibacterial activity of a new monocarbonyl analog of curcumin MAC 4 is associated with divisome disruption

Benzenetriol-Derived Compounds against Citrus Canker

Characterization of two relacidines belonging to a novel class of circular lipopeptides that act against Gram-negative bacterial pathogens

Flotillin-mediated membrane fluidity controls peptidoglycan synthesis and MreB movement

Investigating the Modes of Action of the Antimicrobial Chalcones BC1 and T9A

Novel modifications of nonribosomal peptides from Brevibacillus laterosporus MG64 and investigation of their mode of action

The Cell Wall of Bacillus subtilis

The PASTA domains of Bacillus subtilis PBP2B stabilize the interaction of PBP2B with DivIB

Antibacterial activity of 3,3'-dihydroxycurcumin (DHC) is associated with membrane perturbation

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Dirk-Jan Scheffers wins the Zilveren Zandloper Award

Zilveren Zandloper voor Dirk-Jan Scheffers

‘Zilveren Zandloper’ for Dirk-Jan Scheffers

Subsidie voor onderzoek naar duurzame sinaasappelteelt – in samenwerking met Brazilië

Grant for research into sustainable orange cultivation – in collaboration with Brazil

Twee onderzoeksprojecten met Brazilië (FAPESP) toegekend over duurzame biomassaproductie voor een ‘biobased economy’

Two research projects with Brazil (FAPESP) awarded on sustainable biomass production for a biobased economy

Ruimtegebrek FSE wordt afgewenteld op ons, zeggen docenten

Zorgen bij docenten hoger onderwijs: de boel gaat weer open, maar veel studenten zijn nog niet gevaccineerd

The Netherlands and Brazil: 20 showcases of collaboration in science, technology and innovation

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