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5-Ethynyluridine: A Bio-orthogonal Uridine Variant for mRNA-Based Therapies and Vaccines

DNMT3B supports meso-endoderm differentiation from mouse embryonic stem cells

Probing the dynamic RNA structurome and its functions

Computational approaches for RNA structure ensemble deconvolution from structure probing data

Hmga2 protein loss alters nuclear envelope and 3D chromatin structure

SHAPE-guided RNA structure homology search and motif discovery

Specific transcriptional programs differentiate ICOS from CD28 costimulatory signaling in human Naïve CD4+ T cells

STAT3 induces breast cancer growth via ANGPTL4, MMP13 and STC1 secretion by cancer associated fibroblasts

The acetyltransferase p300 is recruited in trans to multiple enhancer sites by lncSmad7

A chemical probe based on the PreQ1 metabolite enables transcriptome-wide mapping of binding sites

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De ongekende mogelijkheden van RNA structuren

The untapped potential of RNA structures

Structuur individuele RNA-moleculen zichtbaar in vivo

Negen FSE Research Grants toegekend

Nine FSE Research Grants awarded

Zesentwintig grensverleggende onderzoeksprojecten van start via Open Competitie ENW - XS

Twentysix groundbreaking research projects launched via the Open Competition Domain Science – XS

Vier FSE-onderzoekers ontvangen NWO XS-subsidie

Four FSE researchers receive NWO XS grant

Structurele schakelaars als middel tegen COVID-19

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