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prof. dr. D.H.K. Pätzold

Professor emeritus (by special appointment) in the History of Modern Philosophy
prof. dr. D.H.K. Pätzold

1. Goal
The promotion of Neo-Kantian studies by providing a framework both for senior and junior research


2. Theme
The overall theme 'Culture and System in Neo-Kantianism: Sources, Limits and Possibilities' indicates the direction of research for the coming years. In this research, Neo-Kantianism will be studied for its historical as well as its systematic relevance.


3. Activities

  • Organising one-day colloquia between the partners, to be held at least once every four months, requiring both intensive preparation and active participation.
  • Organising international congresses/workshops/seminars, in line with the earlier congress: 'Sinn, Geltung, Wert. Zum neukantianischen Beitrag' (Amsterdam 1997). The conference themes will be centered around the thematic focus of the association. As a rule, a considerable part of the lectures will be given by the associates. External lecturers will be invited on the basis of their academic expertise. Proceedings will be published - using as a standard 'Sinn, Geltung, Wert. Neukantianische Motive in der modernen Kulturphilosophie', Ch. Krijnen/E.-W. Orth (eds.), Würzburg 1998.
  • The exploration and realisation of possibilities of international cooperation between scholars in Neo-Kantianism. It is hoped that in this way the association will work as a pivot in international Neo-Kantian studies. Good international contacts exist already with (among others) prof. dr. E.-W. Orth (Trier), prof. dr. H. Holzhey (Zürich) en PD dr. S. Nachtsheim (Aachen).
  • Generating junior and senior research projects within the general framework, the association provides a bedding for this research.

4. Coaching
Both at RUG and VU a professor has the final responsibility for supervising and coaching (presently prof. dr. D. Pätzold/RUG and prof dr. S. Griffioen/VU)


5. Participants and projects
See Description of Projects

See also: Symposium

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Contact information

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