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Automated Charting of the Visual Space of Housefly Compound Eyes

Polarized iridescence of the tropical carpenter bee, Xylocopa latipes

Coloration of flowers by flavonoids and consequences of pH dependent absorption

Cortex Thickness Is Key for the Colors of Iridescent Starling Feather Barbules With a Single, Organized Melanosome Layer

Evolution of insect color vision: From spectral sensitivity to visual ecology

Feather iridescence of Coeligena hummingbird species varies due to differently organized barbs and barbules

Biophotonics of diversely coloured peacock tail feathers

Bogong Moths Are Well Camouflaged by Effectively Decolourized Wing Scales

Coloration principles of the Great purple emperor butterfly (Sasakia charonda)

Conical epidermal cells cause velvety colouration and enhanced patterning in Mandevilla flowers

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How poppy flowers get those vibrant colours that entice insects

Sophisticated optical secrets revealed in glossy buttercup flowers