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D.E. (Daniel) Gómez Uribe, MSc

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Gómez Uribe, Daniel (2022). Alliances between civilians and combatants in civil wars. PhD thesis, University of Amsterdam. 

Gómez Uribe, Daniel (2021). Paramilitary violence against the campesinos of El Toco, Colombia. In Bijl, Wels and van der Zeijden (Ed.). On Civilian Harm: Examining the complex negative effects of violent conflict on the lives of civilians. Utrecht: Pax Netherlands. 

Gómez Uribe, Daniel (2018). (in Spanish) Los años del retorno: Violencia, desplazamiento forzado y organización campesina en la comunidad de El Toco en el Cesar. Utrhecht: Pax Netherlands. 

Gómez Uribe, Daniel (2014). Dispute Over Natural Resources in Colombia: a dialectical relationship between natural resource extraction and armed conflict. International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and the University of York. 

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