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How to find us prof. dr. D.C.M. (Daan) Raemaekers

prof. dr. D.C.M. (Daan) Raemaekers

Professor of Archaeology of northwestern Europe; director of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology
prof. dr. D.C.M. (Daan) Raemaekers


Eindrapportage pingo-project provincie Fryslân 2016-2020

Lipid residue analysis of ceramics from Hüde I (Lower Saxony, Germany) stresses the research potential to understand the transition to farming

Lipid residue analysis on Swifterbant pottery (c. 5000-3800 cal BC) in the Lower Rhine-Meuse area (the Netherlands) and its implications for human-animal interactions in relation to the Neolithisation process

Palynologisch onderzoek aan de pingo-ruïne FRCAP2 (Quatrebras; gemeente Tytsjerksteradiel; provincie Fryslân)


Dealing with domestic animals in the fifth millennium cal BC Dutch wetlands: New insights from old Swifterbant assemblages

First lipid residue analysis of Early Neolithic pottery from Swifterbant (the Netherlands, ca. 4300–4000 BC)


Palynologisch onderzoek aan de pingo-ruïne FRCP (Burgum; gemeente Tytsjerksteradiel; provincie Frieslân)

Specialized cattle farming in the Neolithic Rhine-Meuse Delta: Results from zooarchaeological and stable isotope (δ18O, δ13C, δ15N) analyses

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Studente verzamelt hunebedverhalen en wil ‘Freek Vonk van de hunebedden’ worden

Studente verzamelt hunebedverhalen en wil ‘Freek Vonk van de hunebedden’ worden

Ontdekking oudste koemelk van Nederland verschuift onze boerengeschiedenis eeuwen naar voren

Oudste Nederlandse melk ontdekt: 6.100 jaar oud

Perhaps dozens of megalithic tombs lie below the Groningen clay. Better preserved than those in Drenthe

A century of archaeological research

Prehistoric animal husbandry

Trijntje - prehistorisch Doornroosje

You are what you eat (Je bent wat je eet)

Megalithic tombs stood in the twilight zone between the living and the dead

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