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Research interests

Single cell sequencing, genome instability, structural variations, ageing, stem cells, cancer, immunology


A non-genetic switch triggers alternative telomere lengthening and cellular immortalization in ATRX deficient cells

Clonal origin and development of high hyperdiploidy in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

IL-1β Induces a Proinflammatory Fibroblast Microenvironment that Impairs Lung Progenitors' Function

Late-Stage Metastatic Melanoma Emerges through a Diversity of Evolutionary Pathways

Normalization of hepatic ChREBP activity does not protect against liver disease progression in a mouse model for Glycogen Storage Disease type Ia

Short-term molecular consequences of chromosome mis-segregation for genome stability

Targeted assembly of ectopic kinetochores to induce chromosome-specific segmental aneuploidies

Author Correction: Genetic instability from a single S phase after whole-genome duplication (Nature, (2022), 604, 7904, (146-151), 10.1038/s41586-022-04578-4)

C/EBPβ isoform-specific regulation of migration and invasion in triple-negative breast cancer cells

cGAS-STING drives the IL-6-dependent survival of chromosomally instable cancers

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Death receptors in normal and malignant tissues