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How to find us dr. D. (Daan) Brandenbarg, MSc

Research interests

  • Oncology in primary care


Diagnostic accuracy of follow-up tests for detecting colorectal cancer recurrences in primary care: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Fatigue among Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors: A Controlled Cross-Sectional Study

How well do healthcare professionals know of the priorities of their older patients regarding treatment outcomes?

Fatigue among long-term breast cancer survivors: a controlled cross-sectional study

Prioritisation of treatment goals among older patients with non-curable cancer: the OPTion randomised controlled trial in Dutch primary care

Symptoms in long-term breast cancer survivors: A cross-sectional study in primary care

Time to diagnosis of symptomatic gastric and oesophageal cancer in the Netherlands: Where is the room for improvement?

Treatment goals and changes over time in older patients with non-curable cancer

A systematic review on the prevalence of symptoms of depression, anxiety and distress in long-term cancer survivors: Implications for primary care

Correspondence between primary and secondary care about patients with cancer: a Delphi consensus study

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Onderzoek naar huisartsenzorg tijdens de COVID-19 pandemie van start

Onderzoekers UMCG ontvangen 4,5 miljoen euro van KWF