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A unified view on geometric phases and exceptional points in adiabatic quantum mechanics

Extracting color octet NRQCD matrix elements from J /ψ production at the EIC

GTMD model predictions for diffractive dijet production at EIC

Hierarchy problem and fine-tuning in a decoupling approach to multiscale effective potentials

Gluon TMDs and NRQCD matrix elements in J/ ψ production at an EIC

J/ψ meson production in SIDIS: matching high and low transverse momentum

Studies of gluon TMDs and their evolution using quarkonium-pair production at the LHC

Analysis of fine-tuning measures in models with extended Higgs sectors

Comment on ’Winding around non-Hermitian singularities’ by Zhong et al., Nat. Commun. 9, 4808 (2018)

On the rotational invariance and non-invariance of lepton angular distributions in Drell-Yan and quarkonium production

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