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How to find us D. (Daniela) Filakovska, PhD


Social Structure in a Roma Settlement: Comparison over Time

Aspects of Illness and Death among Roma-Have They Changed after More than Two Hundred Years?

Is risk-taking behaviour more prevalent among adolescents with learning disabilities?

Test-retest reliability of the scale of participation in organized activities among adolescents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Fighting, Truancy and Low Academic Achievement in Youth Subcultures

Are barriers in accessing health services in the Roma population associated with worse health status among Roma?

Is the cardiovascular risk profile of people living in Roma settlements worse in comparison with the majority population in Slovakia?

Protective and risk factors of early sexual initiation in youth subcultures

Youth subcultures and problem behaviours in Slovakia: Hip-Hop, Techno-scene, Metal, Punk, Skinheads and Roma

Does the influence of peers and parents on adolescents' drunkenness differ between Roma and non-Roma adolescents in Slovakia?

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