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Cortical haemodynamic responses predict individual ability to recognise vocal emotions with uninformative pitch cues but do not distinguish different emotions

Foreign Language Acquisition in Adolescent Cochlear Implant Users

Musical Emotion Categorization with Vocoders of Varying Temporal and Spectral Content

Prosodic Focus Interpretation in Spectrotemporally Degraded Speech by Non-Native Listeners

Short Implicit Voice Training Affects Listening Effort During a Voice Cue Sensitivity Task With Vocoder-Degraded Speech

The effect of explicit and implicit voice training on speech-on-speech intelligibility and listening effort

The influence of musical abilities on the processing of L2 focus prosody: An eye-tracking study

The relation between musical abilities and speech prosody perception: A meta-analysis

The relation between speaking-style categorization and speech recognition in adult cochlear implant users

The Role of Word Content, Sentence Information, and Vocoding for Voice Cue Perception

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Genieten van muziek met een cochleair implantaat kan

New insights in voice perception: It growls, it grumbles, it scratches

Waarom je een hekel hebt aan je eigen stem

The keen hearing of young musicians

VICI Grant: Voice perception with a robot

VICI Grant in UMCG KennisInzicht

Muziekles voor doven om beter te kunnen horen/De Kennis van Nu

Scientific American Podcast - Bring a Musician to Untangle Cocktail Party Din

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