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Interpretation of prosodically marked focus in cochlear implant-simulated speech by non-native listeners

Non-native listeners' interpretation of prosodically marked focus in cochlear implant-simulated speech

Speech Prosody: The Musical, Magical Quality of Speech

The relation between musical ability and sentence-level intonation perception: A meta-analysis comparing L1 and non-native listening

Working-Memory, Alpha-Theta Oscillations and Musical Training in Older Age: Research Perspectives for Speech-on-speech Perception

Auditory and Visual Integration for Emotion Recognition and Compensation for Degraded Signals are Preserved With Age

Challenges in the identification of native and non-native prosody in cochlear implant users and vocoder simulations

Degraded visual and auditory input individually impair audiovisual emotion recognition from speech-like stimuli, but no evidence for an exacerbated effect from combined degradation

Development and structure of the VariaNTS corpus: A spoken Dutch corpus containing talker and linguistic variability

Do Musicians and Non-musicians Differ in Speech-on-Speech Processing?

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Genieten van muziek met een cochleair implantaat kan

New insights in voice perception: It growls, it grumbles, it scratches

Waarom je een hekel hebt aan je eigen stem

The keen hearing of young musicians

VICI Grant: Voice perception with a robot

VICI Grant in UMCG KennisInzicht

Muziekles voor doven om beter te kunnen horen/De Kennis van Nu

Scientific American Podcast - Bring a Musician to Untangle Cocktail Party Din

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