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How to find us dr. D.A. (Dörte) de Kok

dr. D.A. (Dörte) de Kok

Assistant Professor
dr. D.A. (Dörte) de Kok
+31 50 36 36286 (Temporarily not in use due to home office)


The Token Test App, Second Edition

Linguistic parameters in an app-based assessment of German verbs and nouns in aphasia

Processing grammatical evidentiality and time reference in Turkish heritage and monolingual speakers

A Fragile Category: Turkish Evidential Source Markers in Agrammatism and Bilingualism

The whole is more than the sum of its parts - Audiovisual processing of phonemes investigated with ERPs

VAST-App - testing verbs and sentences with the iPad

Processing of audiovisual stimuli in aphasic and non-brain-damaged listeners

Audiovisual processing in aphasic and non-brain-damaged listeners: the whole is more than the sum of its parts

Audiovisuelle Verarbeitung von Phonemen bei Aphasie

The influence of phonetic dimensions on aphasic speech perception

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