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Adherence to antiretroviral therapy and treatment outcomes among HIV-positive adults in Indonesia: a cross-sectional study

Extending the analogy between intracellular motion in mammalian cells and glassy dynamics

Following nanoparticle uptake by cells using high-throughput microscopy and the deep-learning based cell identification algorithm Cellpose

Fusion modifies the material properties of membranes

The effect of biomolecular corona on adsorption onto and desorption from a model lipid membrane

Electronic Smart Blister Packages to Monitor and Support Medication Adherence: A Usability Study

Emerging bioanalytical methods for drug monitoring in patients receiving chronic drug therapies: a scoping review

Simultaneous Exposure of Different Nanoparticles Influences Cell Uptake

Clinical Value of Emerging Bioanalytical Methods for Drug Measurements: A Scoping Review of Their Applicability for Medication Adherence and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Glass-Like Characteristics of Intracellular Motion in Human Cells

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