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Spatial and Structural Metrics for Living Cells Inspired by Statistical Mechanics

Stability versus exchange: A paradox in DNA replication

Role of cell cycle on the cellular uptake and dilution of nanoparticles in a cell population

Mapping protein binding sites on the biomolecular corona of nanoparticles

Biomolecular coronas provide the biological identity of nanosized materials

Kinetics of Nanoparticle Uptake into and Distribution in Human Cells

Asymmetry of nanoparticle inheritance upon cell division: Effect on the coefficient of variation

Time-Resolved Quantification of Nanoparticle Uptake, Distribution, and Impact in Precision-Cut Liver Slices

Quantitative measurement of nanoparticle uptake by flow cytometry illustrated by an interlaboratory comparison of the uptake of labelled polystyrene nanoparticles

Design and Properties of Genetically Encoded Probes for Sensing Macromolecular Crowding

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