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Myelin imaging: past, present, and beyond

Diffusion-derived parameters in lesions, peri-lesion, and normal-appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis using tensor, kurtosis, and fixel-based analysis

Image derived input function to perform non-invasive quantitative analysis of myelin imaging with [11C]MeDAS PET

Imaging of neuroinflammation due to repetitive head injury in currently active kickboxers

Investigation of image-derived input functions for non-invasive quantification of myelin density using [11C]MeDAS PET

Quantitative assessment of myelin density using [C-11]MeDAS PET in patients with multiple sclerosis: a first-in-human study

Quantitative myelin imaging with MRI and PET: an overview of techniques and their validation status

Myelin quantification with MRI: A systematic review of accuracy and reproducibility

Myelin imaging with [C-11]MeDAS PET

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