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Corrigendum to "The knowledge of Indonesian pediatric residents on hyperbilirubinemia management" [Heliyon 7 (4) (2021) e06661]

Neonatal donation: are newborns too young to be recognized?

Predictive factors for surgical treatment in preterm neonates with necrotizing enterocolitis: a multicenter case-control study

The knowledge of Indonesian pediatric residents on hyperbilirubinemia management

Transcutaneous bilirubin measurements: useful, but also reproducible?

A homozygous variant in growth and differentiation factor 2(GDF2)may cause lymphatic dysplasia with hydrothorax and nonimmune hydrops fetalis

Blue LED phototherapy in preterm infants: effects on an oxidative marker of DNA damage

Preclinical Detection of Non-catheter Related Late-onset Sepsis in Preterm Infants by Fecal Volatile Compounds Analysis A Prospective, Multi-center Cohort Study

Repetitive bilirubin measurements in preterm infants prior to phototherapy: is it wise to use the rate of rise?

Current phototherapy practice on Java, Indonesia

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