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Bilingualism, ideology, and identity: Change in the Finland-Swedish variety

Errors or identity markers? A survey study on the use of and attitudes towards finlandisms and fennicisms in Finland Swedish

Is Swedish more beautiful than Danish? Matched guise investigations with unknown languages

Online activation of L1 Danish orthography enhances spoken word recognition of Swedish

Re-examining the /eː-εː/ merger in Finland-Swedish: Regional and stylistic variation

The role of loanwords in the intelligibility of written Danish among Swedes

Deutsch leicht gemacht? Eine Untersuchung zum Einsatz von transparenten Wörtern in einem norwegischen Lehrbuch für DaF-Anfänger

Effects of simultaneous bilingualism and speech style on allophonic variation: A study of Finland-Swedish front rounded vowels [ø:] and [œ:]

Mutual Intelligibility

Mutual intelligibility of a Kurmanji and a Zazaki dialect spoken in the province of Elazığ, Turkey

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Verstaan Denen en Zweden elkaar echt zo goed als in ‘The Investigation’ en ‘The Bridge’?

De Deense taal

Dialect versus language — what's the big deal?