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Catalytic and structural properties of ATP-dependent caprolactamase from Pseudomonas jessenii

Addicting Escherichia coli to New-to-Nature Reactions

Affinity-Selected Bicyclic Peptide G-Quadruplex Ligands Mimic a Protein-like Binding Mechanism

Chance emergence of catalytic activity and promiscuity in a self-replicator

Genetic-Code-Expansion Strategies for Vaccine Development

A Screening Platform to Identify and Tailor Biocompatible Small-Molecule Catalysts

Directed Evolution of a Designer Enzyme Featuring an Unnatural Catalytic Amino Acid

Selection, Addiction and Catalysis: Emerging Trends for the Incorporation of Noncanonical Amino Acids into Peptides and Proteins in Vivo

The importance of catalytic promiscuity for enzyme design and evolution

A designer enzyme for hydrazone and oxime formation featuring an unnatural catalytic aniline residue

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