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Copers and Noncopers Use Different Landing Techniques to Limit Anterior Tibial Translation After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Afwijkingen in gangpatronen bij neurologische aandoeningen

Effects of lower extremity power training on gait biomechanics in old adults: The Potsdam Gait Study (POGS)

Hip mechanics underlie lower extremity power training-induced increase in old adults' fast gait velocity: The Potsdam Gait Study (POGS)

Kinematic Mechanisms of How Power Training Improves Healthy Old Adults' Gait Velocity

Power Training-induced Increases in Muscle Activation during Gait in Old Adults

Effects of Power Training on Mobility and Gait Biomechanics in Old Adults with Moderate Mobility Disability: Protocol and Design of the Potsdam Gait Study (POGS)

Functional Relevance of Relative Maintenance of Maximal Eccentric Quadriceps Torque in Healthy Old Adults

The biomechanical mechanism of how strength and power training improves walking speed in old adults remains unknown

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