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Biophysical perspective on submaximal handcycle propulsion in able-bodied men: biomechanics and physiology of different gear, mode and steering settings

Biophysical aspects of handcycling performance in rehabilitation, daily life and recreational sports; a narrative review

Steering Does Affect Biophysical Responses in Asynchronous, but Not Synchronous Submaximal Handcycle Ergometry in Able-Bodied Men

Biomechanical and physiological differences between synchronous and asynchronous low intensity handcycling during practice-based learning in able-bodied men

Neck muscle responses of driver and front seat passenger during frontal-oblique collisions

Practice effects on low intensity synchronous handcycling in able-bodied men: A biophysical approach

Different cadences and resistances in sub-maximal synchronous handcycling in able-bodied men: Effects on efficiency and force application

Effects of gear, imposed resistance and crank mode on the mechanical efficiency and physiological parameters during sub-maximal handcycling in healthy men

Effects of resistance on 3d force application during low-intensity handcycling in healthy men

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