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Microvascular effects of oxygen and carbon dioxide measured by vascular occlusion test in healthy volunteers

Agreement of somatic and renal near-infrared spectroscopy with reference blood samples during a controlled hypoxia sequence: a healthy volunteer study

The use of a vascular occlusion test combined with near-infrared spectroscopy in perioperative care: a systematic review

Cerebral oxygenation during pediatric congenital cardiac surgery and its association with outcome: a retrospective observational study

Microvascular effects of hypoxia, hyperoxia, hypocapnia and hypercapnia measured by vascular occlusion test in healthy volunteers: a post-hoc analysis

Pain, impaired functioning, poor satisfaction and diminished health status eight years following perilunate (fracture) dislocations

Amplitude-Integrated EEG and Cerebral Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Cooled, Asphyxiated Infants

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