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Metabolic syndrome incidence in an aging workforce: Occupational differences and the role of health behaviors

Population and Climate Change: Consensus and Dissensus among Demographers

When is fertility too low or too high? Population policy preferences of demographers around the world

Y The Differential Impact of Retirement on Informal Caregiving, Volunteering, and Grandparenting: Results of a 3-Year Panel Study

Do older manual workers benefit in vitality after retirement? Findings from a 3-year follow-up panel study: Findings from a 3-year follow-up panel study

Gender Differences in Perceived Workplace Flexibility Among Older Workers in the Netherlands: A Brief Report

Health-related Work Limitations Among Older Workers - the Role of Flexible Work Arrangements and Organizational Climate

How Skill Requirements Affect the Likelihood of Recruitment of Older Workers in Poland: The Indirect Role of Age Stereotypes

Job strain in working retirees in Europe: a latent class analysis

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons for Financially Fragile and Aging Societies

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Oudere werknemers



Oudere werknemers

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