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Population and Climate Change: Consensus and Dissensus among Demographers

Do older manual workers benefit in vitality after retirement? Findings from a 3-year follow-up panel study

Gender Differences in Perceived Workplace Flexibility Among Older Workers in the Netherlands: A Brief Report

Health-related Work Limitations Among Older Workers - the Role of Flexible Work Arrangements and Organizational Climate

How Skill Requirements Affect the Likelihood of Recruitment of Older Workers in Poland: The Indirect Role of Age Stereotypes

Job strain in working retirees in Europe: a latent class analysis

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons for Financially Fragile and Aging Societies

The Proactive Shift in Managing an Older Workforce 2009-2017: A Latent Class Analysis of Organizational Policies

When is fertility too low or too high? Population policy preferences of demographers around the world

Why do older workers with chronic health conditions prefer to retire early?

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Oudere werknemers



Oudere werknemers

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