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Children of the Revolution: The Impact of 1960s and 1970s Cultural Identification on Baby Boomers' Views on Retirement

Does Phased Retirement Increase Vitality in Older Workers?: Findings from a 3‑Year Follow‑Up Panel Study

Forge Healthy Pathways to Retirement With Employer Practices: A Multilevel Perspective

Do older manual workers benefit in vitality after retirement? Findings from a 3-year follow-up panel study: Findings from a 3-year follow-up panel study

Effects of Prevalent and Newly Diagnosed Arthritis on Changes in Perceived Physical Demands and Work Stress Among Older Workers: Results of a 3 Year Panel Study

Employees' Emotional, Cognitive, and Behavioral Responses to Increasing Statutory Retirement Ages

Employers' views on flexible employment contracts for younger workers: Benefits, downsides and societal outlook

Metabolic syndrome incidence in an aging workforce: Occupational differences and the role of health behaviors

Participation in training at older ages: A European perspective on path dependency in life course trajectories

Population and Climate Change: Consensus and Dissensus among Demographers

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Oudere werknemers



Oudere werknemers

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