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University Medical Center Groningen

dr. C.J.C. Lamoth

Universitair Hoofd Docent


 In the growing elderly population, issues as fall prevention, detection, activation and enhancing participation of people are central themes. Enhancing knowledge about the effect of age related changes in perceptual-motor system on gait patterns and postural control is closely related to these topics and that of the central theme of the UMCG of Healthy Ageing. My research has a  translational character which emphasis the integration of both fundamental and applied knowledge, that is clinical implications of scientific insights are sought and clinical practice guides more fundamental research.


 The fundamental understanding of mechanisms underlying motor development, ageing and movement disorders affecting the perceptual-motor system using concepts and tools from dynamical systems theory /clinical coordination dynamics. This theoretical approach explicates variability as an inherent property of human movement and, in doing so, it provides an expedient window into the coordination of system components as well as its stable and adaptive features. I have appropriated methods and (multivariate) analysis for quantifying stability and variability for advancing clinical analysis of postural and gait control. The quest for factors like coordination, cognition, and energy cost, and their interaction in optimizing and adapting perceptual-motor control with an emphasize on postural and gait control.

Combining fundamental knowledge of motor control with modern-days sensor technologies and innovative data analysis in order to develop solutions for supporting independent mobility, preventing falls, and improving health. I have established collaborations with various research teams (in rehabilitation, biomedical engineering), institutions (hospitals, nursing homes) and technology companies which led to various (on-going) research projects, e.g., to develop objective instruments for monitoring mobility, diagnosis and the evaluation and development of interventions. 


The growing aging population is of great concern for today’s society. Ageing yields an undeniable decline of gait and postural control as a consequence of age-related deterioration of sensory and neuromuscular control mechanisms. Decline in a person’s walking and balance abilities impacts quality of life greatly and can lead to a self-reinforcing downwards spiral of reduced physical activity with serious consequences for mobility, fall risk, quality of life, health care use and mortality. There is an urgent need for early diagnosis and treatment of gait and balance ability for the purpose of improving function to prevent decline in mobility and reduce fall risk. My research contributes to society through the development of smart innovative devices for diagnosis and mobility improving interventions.

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