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Obesity and its impact on COVID-19

Emerging Role of C/EBP beta and Epigenetic DNA Methylation in Ageing

Leptin levels in SARS-CoV-2 infection related respiratory failure: A cross-sectional study and a pathophysiological framework on the role of fat tissue

C/EBP beta-LIP induces cancer-type metabolic reprogramming by regulating the let-7/LIN28B circuit in mice

Latest advances in aging research and drug discovery

A p300 and SIRT1 Regulated Acetylation Switch of C/EBPα Controls Mitochondrial Function

Drugs mimicking calorie restriction and tools and methods for identifying the same

Long-lived rodents reveal signatures of positive selection in genes associated with lifespan

Reduced expression of C/EBPβ-LIP extends health- and lifespan in mice

Tuberous sclerosis complex is required for tumor maintenance in MYC-driven Burkitt's lymphoma

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Groningse muis leeft langer en blijft gezonder

Stop de tijd! - Langer leven

Groningse muis eet alles en blijft toch gezond

Matig eten verlengt leven

De dans naar de dood…

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