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Comparison of antipsychotic drug use in children and adolescents in the Netherlands before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

Association between Incidence of Prescriptions for Alzheimer’s Disease and Beta-Adrenoceptor Antagonists: A Prescription Sequence Symmetry Analysis

Community Use of Repurposed Drugs Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic in the Netherlands: An Interrupted Time-Series Analysis

Comparison of antipsychotic drug use among Dutch Youth before and after implementation of the Youth Act (2010-2019)

De noodzaak voor hogere propofoldoseringen na herhaalde sedaties voor invasieve procedures bij kinderen met acute lymfatische leukemie - een zorgevaluatie: Een retrospectieve observationele cohortstudie in het Prinses Máxima Centrum

Exposure to psychotropic drugs before and during pregnancy: What has changed over the last two decades?

Long-term comparative effectiveness of antihypertensive monotherapies in primary prevention of cardiovascular events: A population-based retrospective inception cohort study in the Netherlands

Real-World Dispensing Patterns of Inhalation Medication in Young Adult Asthma: An Inception Cohort Study

Switching pattern and dose adjustment of antidepressants before and during pregnancy

The relationship between childhood leukaemia and childhood asthma: A pharmacoepidemiological study from the Netherlands

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Voorschrijfgedrag artsen antidepressiva aan jongeren niet volgens richtlijn