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Editorial: Fatigability and Motor Performance in Special and Clinical Populations

Muscle Fatigability After Hex-Bar Deadlift Exercise Performed With Fast or Slow Tempo

A cross-sectional comparison of performance, neurophysiological and MRI outcomes of responders and non-responders to fampridine treatment in multiple sclerosis - An explorative study

Age-specific modulation of intermuscular beta coherence during gait before and after experimentally induced fatigue

Neurophysiological impairments in multiple sclerosis - central and peripheral motor pathways

Age-related changes in brain deactivation but not in activation after motor learning

Cross-education does not improve early and late-phase rehabilitation outcomes after ACL reconstruction: A randomized controlled clinical trial

Effects of experimentally induced fatigue on healthy older adults' gait: A systematic review

Force decline after low and high intensity contractions in persons with multiple sclerosis

Minimal effects of age and prolonged physical and mental exercise on healthy adults' gait

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