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Rise and reduction of induced earthquakes in the Groningen gas field, 1991-2018: statistical trends, social impacts, and policy change

The Groningen Gasquakes: Foreseeable Surprises, Complications of Hard Science, and the Search for Effective Risk Communication

Induced Earthquakes from Long-Term Gas Extraction in Groningen, the Netherlands: Statistical Analysis and Prognosis for Acceptable-Risk Regulation

Relations between economic wealth, ecological footprint, and environmental protection depend on climatic demands

How Solid Is the Dutch (and the British) National Risk Assessment? Overview and Decision-Theoretic Evaluation

What Can National Risk Assessors Learn from Decision Theorists and Psychologists? Response

Duurzame mobiliteit: Gewetensvraag of bezweringsformule?

Straightening Out the Grounds for Precaution: A Commentary and Some Suggestions About Terje Aven's "On Different Types of Uncertainties"

Straightening out the grounds for precaution: A commentary and some suggestions about Terje Aven's ''On different types of uncertainties

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